Thursday, March 17, 2011

San Antonio

This past week we took a Spring Break vacation to San Antonio, TX.

Not a good pic of Zachy but I always hear, "Where are you Tera", so I added this one to let you all know, that yes, I am alive and well! :)

Ice Cream was pretty much the meal of the trip...hahahaha.

After a long, long, long day at Sea World, we got a good nights rest and went to a place called "Kiddie Park", its a preschoolers dream world!!!!!! The kids loved it and we spent over 5 hours at the little park.

The Riverwalk is a big attraction in San Antonio, I think the whole city is centered around this place. It was very nice, but also very busy. And as many of you know, having two 4 year olds in any place that is crowded is almost always a some-what difficult time. Well add a river full of water to a crowded place and mommy was on edge every time we took a walk. But no one fell in and Zach seemed to really enjoy the Riverwalk. He asked to go to the Riverwalk and the Alamo????? I have a special boy on my hands!

 This was a huge map of the USA. It was fun to point out all the states the kids knew and they could stand in them. Hahaha
And of course The Alamo, how could we not go see it???? We had to!!!!!! Zach made us...he kept saying he wanted to go to the Alamo? How he knew? He heard a women on the Riverwalk say they were going to see the Alamo and he decided he wanted to too.
Zach's personality always amazes me.....well not really, after all he is my son! But he is so friendly with everyone. Almost everyone we encountered on a "private" level, he told about our adventures and asked them what their name was. "I am Zach" he would tell them. He is such a sweet, loving, and friendly boy. I hope he stays this way.
Zoey, she kinda follows along after Zach strikes up the conversation with people. But that's a big deal for Zoey. As you all know Zoey is very shy and seems rude at I totally understand where my grandmother was coming from when I would get in trouble for being non social. Grandma, I give you many props for putting up with me.....I see myself in both of my children and boy.....I now know how you feel. THank You for loving me like no other.
Zoey is very bright, she is just shy.....She loves animals and loved Sea World. Not the crowd on the street so much.
We had a good time....exhausting, but a great family experience. I can't wait for next year. Where will we go....the destinations are endless.........

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun Pictures

I made a Smilebox for you!

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Some of these are a few weeks old but still cute

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fun Day

Today is Friday and we were up early. The kids are growing up so fast.
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