Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The big 3

First--I won't be posting pictures on the blog today because my laptop doesn't contain the pictures and I sent them on Snapfish anyway.

We celebrated the twins 3rd birthday on Saturday.
I can't believe they are 3 already!!!! Wow! I remember the day of their birth and the sleepless months after, just like they were yesterday.
We've been thur alot in these past 3 years. All good, thank god!!!! We've all learned alot. Sometimes I think I have learned more then my 3 year olds....haha...

We had a party with all their little friends here at our house. Once again we had the jumper and bubbles! Those are always a hit with ALL the kids.
We made Ice Cream Cupcakes instead of a regular cake. They were OK. I didn't like them much, they were kinda mushy and the frosting didn't turn out how I wanted. The kids loved them!!!!

The kids got lots of big hit is the new video game made by Leap Frog called Zippity. The kids are really enjoying it. They use a pad and have to jump and move a stick to play. Zach of course got some cars and that's all he plays with...Cars and Video Games. Doesn't surprise me. Both are in his genes! Zoey is really enjoying her little princess and her play-duh.

Nap time and bed time have been a struggle in our house the past couple of months. The kids are now sleeping in their "big kid" beds. I think they think they are missing out on the fun we are having without them and don't wanna go to sleep. So needless to say momma has been a little stressed.

We are still working on in-home preschool. The kids get really excited to "play" preschool!

The weather has been kinda gloomy (gloomy for us anyway), so we are hoping for sunny days to keep our spirits up and awaiting spring! Spring brings lots of sunshine, weddings, new babies(and I mean two babies at once) Two of my friends will be giving birth to twins in the spring. I can't wait for the baby showers and meeting the new little ones.
My best friend Berrinda is getting married in April and I am in the wedding party!!! There will be lots of bridal showers and bachelorette party's to attend!
My big sis(not really but she might as well be since I've known her since I was 4) got engaged on Christmas eve! There should be some fun wedding planning stuff coming up!

2010 should be interesting!!!!