Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Singing our ABC's

The kids have been doing a lot of singing. I got it on video. It's really cute how different they sing. I am not even sure someone else would know Zach is singing the ABC song. He kinda just yells, but its cute. Zoey sings everything and is getting really good at it. I like to say Zoey is the dancer and singer and Zach is the actor.


We went to Native New Yorker with the kids to watch the Broncos game on Sunday since we couldn't watch it at home. It was fun and we all wore our Broncos gear. The kids did pretty good for just sitting and watching the game. They did get to run around a little but we had to leave at half time because they were ready to get outta there by then. Jeff will be heading to San Diego in he next couple of weeks to hang out with his brothers and go to the Broncos vs. Chargers game on Monday night! The means I get to watch girly movies and pig out on popcorn all weekend!!!! Can you tell I am really looking forward to these girly movies! :)

The holidays are approaching fast and I am sure we will busy as always. For Halloween Zoey picked out a dinosaur costume and Zach picked out Mr Incredible. As for Jeff and I, we don't know yet. I wanted to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland but the costume I got didn't fit. So I might be a clown or Betty Boop. Of course I will update the blog after Halloween and let you all in on how much fun we had!!!!

Not much has been going on lately. We are busy with potty training (kindof) and trying to keep cool. Its October and we just broke a record high of 107 a couple of days ago. I was hoping to get some relief and get outside. This stuffy house is driving me batty! But the high 80's are in this weeks forecast!!!! I foresee the Zoo in our weekend activities!

And on a sad note.....our cat Foxy went outside a few weeks ago and never came back. I am very sad about this. She was a great cat and will be missed.

Now a happy note.......Bananas (our other cat) is great! She is great with the kids and one of the best cat's I've ever had! We add fish to our family. First we got 6, they all died. Then we got 4 and 2 died. Zoey thought she would help out and feed them for me, with half the container of food. I think they just couldn't handle that much food. But 2 of them held on and I am trying my hardest to keep them alive for at least a little while!!! Yes, I put the food up so Zoey can't get to it! :)

Things are good for the Gengler family! We are going to do some house projects this fall when it cools off and make this place even more of a home and hopefully add some storage!!!