Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kids Preschool Pictures

Hey everyone, they kids had their first school pictures last week! They turned out great and we are having a hard time choosing which ones to buy and send out. If you like you can check them out and let us know which ones you like to help us pick one or two.
The website is

you will have to have a userid and password which is:
userid: tbj2010
pass: 092210

You will have access to all the students, Zach and Zoey are down in the 200 numbers. So scroll down and check them out! I am excited to get some and send them out!

Love you and miss you all!

Monday, September 13, 2010

What we've been doing

It's been a couple of weeks! Well let's catch you up on what we've been up to!

The kids started preschool and are loving it. I think they would go everyday if they could. When we get there they have to find their name and put away their things! They enjoy looking for their name. Most of the time Zoey has found Zach's name and put her stuff their but when I say, "Does that Zoey?" She goes right to her own basket. It's really cute listening to them spell their names and each other's names. I will record it sometime and post it.
Zoey is our artist. She is creative like her momma and loves to color, paint, and make things. Everyday she comes home with at least 4 pictures she's colored. She is having some trouble with using the potty at school. At first she would hold it but then she started having accidents. We have to send her to school in a pull-up now :( This weekend Jeff, of course, got her to use the big potty at home, and she's been using it since Saturday morning, but we have yet to use a public potty. We are making lots of trips out of the house and to the public restrooms. I know she will get it soon enough. I am very proud of her for just saying "I can try". Now she is saying "I can use the big potty". She also loves singing songs. She has a few favorites that she sings.
Zach is not an artist, he is all boy! He really doesn't like to color much and never brings anything home from school.  I can't really tell you what he does at school? I know he was excited for kicking the soccer ball. I am sure he likes playing with the play-duh and outside. He is doing well with his potty! I kept them home from school today because Zach has some really nasty diarrhea, I hope it stays with only him and he gets over it before Wednesday.
We took the kids to the mall this weekend to see Barney. They line was WAY to long to stand in but the kids were happy enough just standing on the side waving to him. They had a good time!
Last weekend was Labor Day, We had a good weekend! On Sunday we had a little BBQ with our new friends the Grein's and our extended family, the Umschieds(i know I spelled it wrong...sorry). The Grein's have twins, Vaughn and Caroline, who are 3 and Laural who is 5. They kids played hard, they ran around the back yard and played with the millions of toys we have. Then they ate cupcakes!!!!!!and crashed on the couch. It was so cute!