Saturday, April 18, 2009

So far April has been.......

Easter 2009

Oh where do I start? I guess with the wind.....It's been pretty windy her in AZ the past month. It's like the old saying goes....In like a lion out like a lamb. I sure hope this month goes out like a lamb because it sure roared in like a lion.
I took Zoey to the urgent care a couple of weeks ago for a 104 temp. It scared me pretty bad. Turned out to be an ear infection. We got antibiotics and struggled at first to take them. But I found a good way to get her to choke it down. I mixed it will her juice and called it a "treat" and gave her the big girl cup and a straw. She loved it! Easy enough....all done and good with the antibiotics no more ear infection. But the day after the last dose of antibiotics her and Zach caught a cold. Zach was pretty much OK, just a runny nose and some sleepiness. But poor Zoey Beth got a horrible cough and congestion. Then Jeff and I both got it and I ended up at the doctor to find I had a sinus infection. So it was my turn for antibiotics. UGH. I hate that stuff. Zach got over his cold quickly and was back to normal within 3 days. Zoey was still coughing hard 10 days later.??? She got a fever almost every other day so I took her back to the doctor. ANOTHER ear infection. Poor thing....More antibiotics for her :( I think we are on the up and with the wind calming down I think we may be done with ear infections for now. Knock on wood.....
Since we had been cooped up in the house for 2 weeks, we were all dying to get out and get some fresh air. It was a beautiful day, a little chilly, around 70, but still no wind. So we went to the park. It was all fun and games until Zoey missed her step and did a face plant onto the step. Ouck! She knocked her bottom tooth loose and it was bleeding and she was crying. I was almost in panic mode but thanks to Jeff's cousin, Stacey, we got her to the dentist. Zoey hates the doctor so I knew she was going to hate the dentist too and sure enough she did.....We got an xray and luckily it wasn't broken so we don't have to have it pulled but it will probably fall out her in a few weeks. :( My poor little Zoey. She is such a tough little girl! She is doing fine now and the tooth doesn't seem to bother her at all. Thank goodness!

Today, I needed to do some shopping for a dress for a wedding we are going to next weekend. So I was off to the mall with out the kids! That is a rarity for me and I was ecstatic. I had a little trouble finding a dress. So I gave up and did some other shopping. I was a Barnes and Noble checking out some books and put down my stuff and sat on the everyone else in the store.....when I got up to leave I must have drooped my phone and not noticed until I got to my car and wanted to use it. I raced back in the store and it wasn't there. It's obvious someone stole it because I called it and it was turned off and no one had turned it in. UGH! I can't live without that phone. Total bummer on my day and I still didn't have a dress. I ran into Ross and grabbed pretty much the first thing I saw and ran out and raced home. Ha. What a joke...there was an accident on the I-10 and I was stuck in traffic with no phone! 1.5 hours later I was home. I have never been so happy to see my family. After what was supposed to be a much needed relaxing day of shopping turned into one of the worst times at the mall I've ever had and if you know me you know any day is a good day if your at the mall!

So, contact Jeff until further notice if you need me!

Oh, there was a good part of today. Zoey started dance class today. She is very timid and sat on my lap the whole time but I think she will open up to it. She needs this time away from Zach. The whole time we were driving to the class he kept asking "Where's Zacky?" The whole time we were in with the dentist on Thursday she was crying for Zacky. They need some separation and some alone time with mommy and daddy. I was unable to enroll Zach in the Tiny Tots Sports because the class was full so he and Jeff play basketball while Zoey and I go to dance class!